Services offered by Economic Solutions Ltd

Specialist services that we provide include the following:

Provincial Growth Fund applications and business case development

Economic Development Strategies

Economic Development policy advice

Economic benefit-cost assessments:

In relation to major development proposals seeking resource management approval

Economic impact/multiplier analysis:

In relation to new businesses, projects, infrastructures or events in an area

Local/regional industry profiles:

Identifying the business/industry composition of the local economy, key local industries, historical growth trends and forecasts for future industry growth

Economic and tourism monitoring:

The provision of regular reports on trends in key economic, industry, employment and tourism indicators

Demographic analysis:

Analysing trends in local and regional-level population and household growth factors

Community profiling:

Developing socio-economic profiles of local and regional communities using Census and other data results

Local economic development policies:

Formulating policies for growing local and regional economies

Strategic economic planning:

Planning for longer-term economic growth and development in district and regions







Economic Solutions Limited
P O Box 7523
Taradale, Napier

P: (06) 844 1021 | F: (06) 844 1031
M: 027 220 4937

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